Us models have to keep it natural with our beauty regime. The focus is on eating the right foods and sleeping & exercising well to get that glow from the inside. In terms of pampering, there’ll be the odd facial but it’s mainly quite plain Jane: waxing, hair trims and basic manicures and pedicures. That’s because we have to be a primed blank canvas for shoots: if we had crazy shellac nails, mad hair extensions in bright colours and layers of contoured makeup, we’d have beautified ourselves out of work.

I was really excited to discover the Nouveau Lashes LVL Enhance (the LVL stands for Length, Volume, Lift). It’s great for those of us who want to keep it natural looking, but want to add a bit of oomph to our appearance.

OK so let me explain what it is first. This treatment lifts the lashes from the roots, sort of like the ultimate eyelash curler, making eyes look wide open. Mine were also tinted, so it was (for me) quite a visible difference as I rarely even wear mascara.

It’s a 45-minute treatment and I’m not going to say it was the most enjoyable experience. I’m not sure why because at no point was it painful. It just felt a little strange, and I needed calming breaths to get through it at first until I relaxed into it and chatted to my very experienced and kind technician, Debbie.


You lie down and a shield is applied to the eyelids, over which each eyelash is individually combed. Most people would be fine with this, but for some, being aware of someone touching your eyelashes from the very roots while eyes are closed takes a bit of adjustment. The first eye I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but by the time Debbie was onto the next I was really fine with it all. It’s sort of like that feeling of being in a yoga pose and knowing that soon you can come out of it…Slightly aggy but relief is in near sight. Also, Debbie talked me through each stage, so I didn’t flinch once.

Applied to the lashes, once combed onto the shield, is the product to make them curl upwards, and mine were also tinted. You can choose one of three shields, from the largest (the least curling) to the smallest (a more dramatic curl). I went for the biggest shield because I was new to the experience and modelling operates on a Sod’s Law basis: if I went for anything too bold, guaranteed I would book a ‘natural’ or androgynous-type shoot for the next day.

When the shields were removed, I genuinely couldn’t believe how different I looked. My eyes were opened, the colour popped due to my darker lashes and I looked…Really glamorous! (for me). I was pleased I’d gone for the biggest shield because I am blessed with thick, long lashes (thanks to my Anglo-Indian Mum) but they are quite straight and blonde and the roots and tips. So the curl made them touch my eyelids, the tint made them look longer but any smaller with the shield and I think it would have been too much.

For the first couple of days, my lashes were stuck together in a way that made them look as though artful mascara had been applied. I couldn’t stick my face in steam or get soapy water on them, and I had to be careful not to mush my face into the pillow when I slept (or wear my eye mask).

The mascara effect wore off after these two days, and little black crumbly bits came off my lashes (there is a Nouveau Lashes Foaming Cleanser and Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum* for eyelashes: I’d recommend for aftercare). The curl remained, as did the darker tint to my eyelashes. When I looked in the mirror I felt as though it was less obvious, but in pictures, it really looked as though I’d curled them and applied mascara.

Now I COULD apply mascara to make them stand out even more – and Nouveau Lashes do one of the best ones I’ve come across. It has a great wand with a comb and a little ball at the end to separate each lash. But for me, and the rare bit of very natural make up I apply, it might be a bit too much for now and I’ll wait for the last couple of weeks to try this out.

The big test of a beauty blogger is: would I buy this? I know it sounds spoiled, but we get so many free products and treatments that we often don’t need to. The resounding answer is: YES! I’m hooked! I don’t think I’d get another one the second it wore off, though I know that in 6 weeks (the treatment lasts for 8) I’ll be missing it.

I’d save it for when I wanted to feel excited and boosted. I think this is FABULOUS for a holiday, especially with a new guy when you’re still in the ‘trying to impress’ stage. Imagine: no mascara, no effort and you wake up with Twiggy eyes! When I told my boyfriend that I was getting my lashes done he seemed sceptical, but for the next few days, he kept staring at me and giving me compliments. It’s like – he knew something was different – but he couldn’t figure how or why. I’m all about beauty treatments that require very little maintenance with the maximum impact, and this is one of those treatments. Mascara always drops on me because of the deep set of my eyes combined with chubby cheeks that make my eyes squint when I smile, so this is the dream. I think it’s also great for soon-to-be-brides, as you don’t need to worry about mascara running or dropping, people like me who get hay fever and runny eyes in the summer, and anyone looking to shave minutes off their morning make up routine for a bit more precious sleep.

I’d heard it was amazing, but doubted it was for me. Now I’m a dedicated Nouveau Lashes LVL convert!

You can find out all about prices and products on their website, which is here:  It’s £45, which I think is a steal!

You need to be sure that it is the Nouveau Lashes brand, as there are lots of copycats who aren’t as good.

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